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About Us


Beautifully designed and crafted home

Nicely secluded with two bedrooms, two baths.  Architecturally interesting home hand built by the original owner/designer.  Recently refreshed with all La-Z-Boy furniture, fresh paint, and artwork.  Comes with a garage for your use, all linens, and towels, and a well stocked kitchen of utensils.


Over forty acres of private property

Situated on 40+ acres of private property, teaming with a variety of birds and wildlife at different times of the year.  All for you to enjoy with binoculars and a camera.  Wonderful just to walk our trails and more coming.  Large 3 acre pond brings in various water and shore birds.    Multiple birding locations within a few minutes drive including Mississippi River and backwaters.   


Romance? Or just plain hungry?

We can arrange a private meal on site with a personal chef and sous chef.  Your menu or theirs.  And our wine cellar is quite extensive.

Feathered Serenity Vacation Fees

Please call with questions or if you have a special arrangement you would like to make. 1-309-236-1872

The proverbial fine print

Thou shalt sign the liability release document

Thou shalt not drink cheap wine

Thou shalt not bring pets nor weird relatives or friends

Thou shalt not go into the pond nor causeth any object to go into the pond

Thou shalt not inconvenience nor harass any of the wildlife on the property

Thou shalt not wandereth onto our neighboring fiefdoms unless invited

Thou shalt share any morel mushrooms you find – with us

Thou shalt leave all doors locked

Thou shalt recognize there are security cameras outside but none inside

Thou shalt not smoke anything but meat inside nor outside -- ANYTHING!

Thou shalt leave all garbage in the garage

Thou shalt leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher or kitchen sink

Thou shalt not take inside furniture outside

Thou shalt keep fireplace doors closed

Thou shalt have a functioning cellular phone in case of an emergency (I guess satellite phone works too)

Thou shalt marvel at the cellular device amplifier that makes Verizon things work when otherwise they might not

Thou shalt do thou’s best to not track mud, water, worms, or other unwanted debris into the house

Thou shalt have lots of merriment and serenity while here – and hopefully when you return home as well

Thou shalt tell those you respect about Feathered Serenity (hopefully in a positive way)

Thou shalt tell us how we can make your next stay exponentially better

Thou shalt not steal excess rolls of toilet paper

Thou shalt commend thyself for reading this far

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Feathered Serenity

19458 Hillside Rd, Morrison, IL 61270, US

(309) 236-1872